Who's Your Favorite Philosopher?

Who's your favorite philosopher? This website shows responses to this question from 66 prominent contemporary philosophers. The data was compiled from a special episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.

Philosophy Bites is a wonderful podcast, hosted by Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds. Each episode consists of a 15-20 minute interview with a prominent contemporary philosopher. One recurring question put to guests is, "Who's your favorite philosopher?" Philosophy Bites extracted the responses to this question from 66 interviews and combined them into a special episode.

Favorite Philosophers

Hume Kant Aristotle
1. David Hume 2. Immanuel Kant 3. Aristotle
(14 mentions) (7 mentions) (6 mentions)
Wittgenstein Nietzsche Mill
4. Ludwig Wittgenstein 5. Friedrich Nietzsche 6. John Stuart Mill
(6 mentions) (5 mentions) (4 mentions)

All Responses

Interviewee Favorite Philosopher(s)
Helen Beebee David Hume
Luc Bovens Aristotle
Nick Bostrom no favorite
Sarah Bakewell Michel de Montaigne, Friedrich Nietzsche
Pascal Bruckner Jean-Paul Sartre
Noël Carroll Aristotle
David Chalmers Rudolf Carnap
Clare Chambers Catharine MacKinnon
Patricia Churchland David Hume
Tim Crane René Descartes
Alain de Botton Friedrich Nietzsche
Michael Dummett Gottlob Frege
Ronald Dworkin Immanuel Kant
Cecile Fabre Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Kit Fine Aristotle
Cynthia Freeland Aristotle
Raymond Geuss Thucydides
Jonathan Glover Socrates
Alison Gopnik David Hume
John Horton Ludwig Wittgenstein
Alan Haworth Ludwig Wittgenstein, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx
Frank Jackson J. J. C. Smart, David Armstrong, David Lewis
Sean Kelly Aristotle
Joshua Knobe Friedrich Nietzsche
Chandran Kukathas David Hume
Nicola Lacey Ludwig Wittgenstein
Melissa Lane Plato
Brian Leiter Friedrich Nietzsche
Neil Levy no favorite
Tim Lewens David Hume
Guy Longworth René Descartes
Catharine MacKinnon no favorite
Tariq Modood Socrates, Ludwig Wittgenstein
Simon May Friedrich Nietzsche
Jeff McMahan Derek Parfit
Hugh Mellor Frank Ramsey
Susan Mendus John Stuart Mill
John Mikhail David Hume, Jeremy Bentham
David Miller David Hume, Ludwig Wittgenstein
Adrian Moore Immanuel Kant
Stephen Neale Bertrand Russell
Susan Neiman Immanuel Kant
Martha Nussbaum John Stuart Mill
Onora O’Neill Immanuel Kant
Philip Pettit Thomas Hobbes
Nick Phillipson David Hume
Anne Phillips Hannah Arendt
Hanna Pickard David Hume
Thomas Pogge Immanuel Kant
Gideon Rosen David Hume
Paul Russell David Hume, Bernard Williams
Michael Sandel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Philip Schofield Jeremy Bentham
Peter Singer Henry Sidgwick
Barry Smith David Hume, Ludwig Wittgenstein
Richard Sorabji Mahatma Gandhi
Hillel Steiner John Locke
Dan Sperber no favorite
Robert Stern Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Galen Strawson Immanuel Kant
Victor Tadros Immanuel Kant
Robert Talisse John Stuart Mill
Tzvetan Todorov Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Alex Voorhoeve David Hume
Susan Wolf Aristotle
Jonathan Wolff David Hume

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